Manufacturing process consists of various phases from selection of raw material till getting the finished component, part or product as an outcome . Each phase of manufacturing process has it's own importance to produce the final product.

Raw Material

The process begins with the selection of raw material which will be used to manufacture finished products. Selection of perfect raw material is very important as this will decide the durability and usability of the finished product. Hence, we always gives this process the foremost importance and have a complete monitoring over the same. We provides finished products in copper alloys, aluminium, bronze, gunmetal, etc.


After selecting perfect raw material as per the requirement, We now move towards casting process. Casting is also as important as selecting the raw material as this will have direct impact over the products to be manufactured. We carry out casting in three manners; casting via Extrusion process, forging & Second is Sand Casting. All of this methodology have different benifits and outcomes. We use appropriate method as per the product to be manufactured. All the casting process are carried out under tight quality control in terms of raw-material, making perfect alloys of required metals, etc. All this assures outcome of perfect quality casted material which is now ready to move further under forging, machining or turning process as per required.


When any complex and big size products are to be manufactured, it is better to go with forging method as compared to rod-cut method. Thus whenever required, we carry out forging process over the hot balls of the required metal. The dye of forging press can be designed and developed as per the product to be manufactured.

Machining & Turning

We concentrates over the process of manufacturing the products with accurate dimensions and perfect finishing. All the products are manufactured under manual, semi automatic and fully automatic machines as per the necessecity, which assures perfect quality outcomes. During this process samples are gathered randomly and are tested in context to dimensions, durability, weight and other relative tests. Whenever required all the production outcomes goes under the hands of quality control department. After getting fully satisfied with the outcomes, then they move ahed for further processing.


Under this process first of all, all the production outcomes are washed properly using recommended chemicals and various relative things so that finishes can be applied over them whenever required. Various finishes can be applied over the manufactured products as per the requirement of the customer. During this process also the code of quality is highly maintained. So that the customer gets complete satisfaction in context to their requirements.

After all the above process the finished cum packed products are dispatched to the respective customer and that too on time. As a result of this the customer gets fully satisfied and this is how our reputation grows day by day.

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