@ Dezlon we constantly starve to provide best quality products to our customers and achieving the same, we have organized our organization into separate departments for separate works. It may be manufacturing or quality checking or packaging or even accounting, all departments are well organized to work in perfect synchronization to each other with accuracy. Which leads to cost effectiveness and perfect utilization of time and resources.

Our vision constantly intuits us for seeking accurate quality on exact time and for achieving this we have manufacturing sector with almost every required machinery and instrument. Our infrastructure is equipped  with all type of machineries from Manual, Semi-Automatic & Fully Automatic to Ultra Modern Automatic machines which ensures best quality outcome with exact as demanded.

Our quality checking department carry out all the process under strict quality control manuals. We are equipped with various tools like Digital Vernier & Callipers, Micro Meters, Thread Pitch Micro Meters, Ring and Plug Gauges, Go/No-Go Gauges, Magnifying Projectors, etc.

Complete setup of packaging department is arranged very well to maintain the flawless flow of inwards, storage and outwards. Products are packed exactly as per demanded by the customer and as per the necessity in accordance to the transport mode to be used to deliver the consignment.

All our non-living infrastructure is incomplete without our life putting and energetic human resource. All the individuals works in a flow with full dedication towards their work with the vision of the company in mind and have great respect and love for their work. Individuals at Dezlon works to provide the best quality product and best in class service which ensures complete satisfaction to the clients.

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Dezlon Industries Private Limited
A-37, First Floor,
Hirji Mistry Ancillary Bhawan,
GIDC I, Shanker Tekri, Udyog Nagar,
Jamnagar - 361004,
Gujarat (INDIA)

(+91) 288 256 6100

(+91) 80000 9966 0
(+91) 80000 9966 1